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Medical Laboratory

A routine blood test and urine analysis is the first line of defense for disease prevention and detection. Your doctor needs this information to know how well your organs and critical bodily functions are performing. With over 500 routine and specialty blood tests available, Cas Medic is sure to offer what you need to stay healthy or stay on top of an ongoing treatment course.

Cas Medic offers at-home blood testing service so staying healthy doesn’t come at the expense of your work and/or personal time. What’s more, you can get all these services PLUS you will benefit from AIR MILES® Reward Miles just for doing business with us.

Quality: Our No. 1 Priority

Who you choose to do business with is paramount!

Doing business with Cas Medic means your doctor receives the right information at the right time. Cas Medic has a strict process for collecting blood samples and our tests are performed by an ISO Certified medical laboratory approved by the Agence de la Santé Publique du Québec and your results are often available within 24 hours.

Not sure how much your blood test will cost? You should know that most private insurers will refund 80-100% of the total price. We recommend you pay by credit card. This is a great way to collect reward miles through your credit card issuer and it allows you to postpone payment for the services you have received while you wait for your insurance refund. What’s more, you can collect AIR MILES simply by doing business with us.

Still not sure? Call us at 1.877.575.0855 for a price estimate, and we will give you 10 free AIR MILES reward miles!