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Corporate Services

Whether you want to reduce absenteeism in your work force, hire the right person for the task at hand or simply want to offer your employees more services as part of your staff retention strategy, Cas Medic can help.

With Cas Medic’s corporate services you save time and money while earning AIR MILES® Reward Miles. What could be simpler!

Cas Medic offers at home blood testing service so that staying healthy doesn’t come at the expense of your work and / or personal time. What’s more, you can get all these services PLUS you will receive AIR MILES Reward Miles just for doing business with us.

Drug Screening

As a business owner, you undoubtedly know that there are several variables that affect the operation and success of businesses. For example, hiring the wrong person is a waste of time and money. Not knowing if a future employee uses illegal substances should not be part of these unknown variables.

Fortunately, you can reduce these risks while eliminating the concerns attached to them by using our drug screening program for all employees and prospective employees. This program gives you insight into the character of an individual without asking a single question. Save money on potential losses and theft by making certain your candidate does not have a drug problem.

Our unique screening strategy allows you to act fairly and equitably with our random selection of individuals subject to testing and taking tests on your schedule. The random selection made by Cas Medic, an independent third party, protects you against any accusation of bias or prejudice that could damage your reputation and your profits.

Our service is discreet and effective. Our health care staff will go to your candidate's home and perform the test. 24 hours later, you will know more about a potential employee. It’s that simple.

With our drug screening program you save time and money while earning AIR MILES Reward Miles. What could be simpler!

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Immunization Campaigns

Cas Medic also offers unique mobile vaccination services. Our nurses can go to your workplace and vaccinate your employees against influenza and hepatitis A and/or B.

Imagine a workplace that is protected against the annual ravages of the flu...

Imagine a productive workplace with less absenteeism caused by illness...

You can improve your reputation amongst your employees while helping to keep them healthy. With an immunization campaign, everyone wins!. You can find more information about other vaccines here.

The influenza (or flu) is one of the most common reasons why employees miss work due to illness. Reducing absenteeism during flu season can save your company money. The flu virus is so contagious that a simple handshake or a contaminated door handle can be enough to get you and your staff sick.

Do you have a young and dynamic workforce? Such a workforce is more productive and a real benefit to any industry. However, young workers often have young children who attend daycare, which tends to be prime breeding grounds for the Influenza virus.

With Cas Medic, you can have all your workers vaccinated and prevent losses to productivity. Our vaccine campaign service allows you to save money, meet deadlines and show your employees you care about their well-being. And don't forget that you'll also earn AIR MILES® Reward Miles. What could be simpler!

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Health and Safety at Work

Cas Medic offers another mobile service: consultation services for health and safety in the workplace. One of our specialists can preside and participate in your mandatory health and safety meetings. He or she will provide advice to help your staff reach and maintain higher safety standards. In addition, Cas Medic can also prepare the agenda for your meetings and prepare reports and meeting summaries for your directors.

Feel free to contact us if you have any questions about our services.

Customized Healthcare Packages

Need a nurse in your workplace?

Looking for healthcare consultation solutions?

Cas Medic can custom design a program to suit your needs and wants. With our customized healthcare packages, you save time and money while earning AIR MILES® rewards miles. What could be simpler!

Call us at 1.877.575.0855 for a price estimate and we will give you 10 free AIR MILES rewards miles!